Tandoori Chicken

Recipe by grapefruit

Tandoori chicken is cooked in a special tandoor (clay oven). This recipe is for the conventional oven and charcoal grill. cooking time doesnt include marinating time.

Top Review by Bint e Naeem

Grapefruit! I simply have no words to describe this. I rated this recipe last year without trying it because by just looking at the ingredients I was sure this was good. Finally I made it & THIS was just off the hook. Although I steamed the chicken. Didn't grill or bake it. I used freshly grounded spices so cardamom kind of took over everything it still was so tasty. I used 1 teaspoon oil per leg quarter. Didn't throw away the marinade & cooked the chicken for about 45 minutes on medium heat ( I had tripled the recipe ingredients) When the chicken was completely tender I let the marinade dry on high heat & right before serving but after transferring the chicken in a serving dish I sprayed cooking oil on it. Thank You :)

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  1. Prick the chicken all over with a fork and using a sharp knife make 1/2 inch deep diagonal slashes an inch apart on each chicken quarter.
  2. place in a large dish and rub lemon juice all over + into cuts.
  3. cover and marinate for 1 hour.
  4. Mix all the ingredients of the marinade in a small bowl and pour over the chicken pieces and mix, turning and tossing, to coat well.
  5. Cover and marinate for at least 4 -5 hours at room temperature, or refrigerate overnight, turning several times.
  6. Bring the CHicken to room temperature before broiling or grilling.
  7. To Broil: Preheat oven to 450°F
  8. Place chicken pieces in a large roasting pan, preferably on a wire rack.
  9. Discard the leftover marinade.
  10. Brush chicken pieces with ghee or butter.
  11. Set the pan in the middle rack of the oven. broil for 25-30 minutes, or until the meat is cooked through, basting and turning occasionally. Transfer to platter and serve.
  12. To Grill : Place chicken pieces, over the grill, basting with ghee or butter and cook for 8 minutes, without turning.
  13. Turn and grill the other side for 8 minutes.
  14. Continue turning and basting, until chicken is cook through, about 12-15 minutes for each side.
  15. Transfer chicken to platter.
  16. Decorate with sliced onion and tomato.
  17. Serve with Naan and raita.

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