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We loved this. I just mixed the corn in with the rest of the filling ingredients instead of layering. I added cumin to the filling ingredients. I also added more milk to make the cornmeal batter more runny.

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beverlyt January 27, 2010

A great vegetarian meal and a lot easier than the normal one I make however I think my chiles were too mild as it was a little bland for me, I might try a little hotter next time.

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DPar February 12, 2015

Total Awesomeness!!! Thank You Montana Heart Song, your Tamale Bake recipe is truly a winner!!!!! As other reviewer stated, I too found I needed to double up on the milk to get the batter runny. FWIW all ingredients I used were absolutely fresh. For the chili powder I used Chile Con Carne Seasoning from my spice sage dot com (great online spice retailer)

For tomato sauce, I bought an organic tomato sauce from Public Grocers here in Fla. (Greenwise), their house brand of organics. I also used Publix brand cheese (Sharp Cheddar) and Monterey Jack, both hand grated by me from a brick

I followed this recipe exactly, other than adding more milk. What I think makes this dish extra scrumptious, is how drizzling the last of the batter then adding Monterey Jack cheese on top of the reserved batter, the two rise and mix together form a cheesy crust. Wifey and I went through 2/3's of it after making it (for dinner that evening), then polished off the left overs the following night. I can't wait till I make this again, it's that good. No need to add meat to this recipe. You'll never miss it

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Jake W. May 16, 2014

As the previous reviewer noted, I think the batter base and topping needs more milk - at least twice as much. However, as-is, it was still really delicious. I also added some avocado slices, sour cream and cilantro to the top when I served it. Yum!

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seventhspice November 09, 2009

I love tamales …and I love the tamale bake! It was easy to make and great for leftovers. I was wondering about the batter, though. Mine wasn't runny, so i added more milk. Also it didn't seem like enough batter to cover a large pan--I used a smaller-size square baking dish and it seemed like just enough, but i might have laid it down a little thick, since it wasn't very runny. Still good though! And great flavor combo with orange juice :D

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BraceFace April 21, 2009
Tamale Bake With Pinto Bean, Green Chilies, Corn & Cheese