Tamago Yaki (Sushi Omelette)

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 30 mins

Tamago is Japanese for "egg". Tamago yaki is sushi using an egg, like a sushi omelette. I really love it for it's sweet taste and light texture. You need a tamago pan to make this recipe. Any type of stock can be used in place of the dashi for a less fishy taste. Sounds complicated, but after a bit of practice, it gets much easier.

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  1. Beat the eggs VERY well, being sure to get them as smooth as possible.
  2. Pour about 1/4 of the mixture into a well-oiled tamago pan and spread as if you are making a crepe.
  3. As the mixture cooks, bubbles and sets, roll it and move it to the back of the pan.
  4. Add more oil to the pan and some more of the mixture, making sure to get some under the roll.
  5. As it cooks, roll the old roll back to the front of the pan, then again to the back.
  6. Repeat until you are out of mixture.
  7. Remove roll from the pan and roll as you would a sushi roll, squeezinng out excess liquid.
  8. You can roll it into either a round or rectangular shape and slice it when it has cooled.
  9. Can be served as is, or as nigiri, atop a mound of rice wrapped in a thin sheet of nori.
Most Helpful

Thank you for this easy recipe! I just finished a roll. I'm alarmed at the nutrition label next to the recipe. I guess I have to share this.

thisyearswinner December 02, 2012

This is my favorite tamago recipe! I think the sugar amount is just fine, and I use cooking wine instead of mirin and chicken stock instead of dashi. Thank goodness I don't still live alone--I was making this 3 times a week back then!

AnnMLove November 06, 2010

I think this recipe is so-so. It needs more sugar, next time I will double it. I had to look up the proper way of making it in youtube. Thanks for sharing.

Kayarich March 01, 2009