Tahitian Coconut Bread

Total Time
1hr 20mins
Prep 20 mins
Cook 1 hr

I got this recipe in Hawaii at the Polynesian Center. They were giving samples away and it was delicious. I haven't make it yet and the baking instructions are not very good (it doesn't mention a baking pan), but I will try it and see what happens.


  1. Combine coconut, sugar and water.
  2. Blend flour and baking powder together.
  3. Mix all ingredients to a doughy texture adding a little flour as needed so is not too sticky.
  4. Wrap in aluminum foil and bake in oven at 350 for 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours.
  5. Makes 5 loaves.
Most Helpful

So glad this recipe was posted. Just got back from Bora Bora where I had some and wanted the recipe. This is perfect, I made only two changes. Instead of just water I used the coconut milk from the fresh coconut and I cut the sugar down to 1/2 cup. So easy (after you get the fresh coconut out of the shell)!

Scarrr July 05, 2012

We live on Oahu and have made this bread quite a few times. Coconut are free! I use the food processor to chop the coconut fine. I have also updated the recipe to make it a wee bit healthier - white whole wheat flour and subbing Splenda for half the sugar. I also add a teaspoon of vanilla and a 1/2 teaspoon of salt. This is my go-to "welcome to Hawaii" bread when family and friends from the mainland come to visit.

palm715 April 10, 2012

We got this from PCC on Oahu when we visited 4 years ago, my wife just found it and made it this weekend. It was a bit denser than I remember, possibly due to high altitude (we live @ 6000'). In Hawaii they bake it on coals wrapped in bananna leaves, very yummy.

tangsoous January 31, 2011