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Delicious! If you like halva you will like this cake. Full nutty flavor. I used honey instead of sugar. I also generally do not like spiced cakes so I cut the spices down a bit but honestly i think I should have not done it - as one of previous reviewers said - the tahini taste is strong and it takes a lot of spice for the taste to come through.

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kkatushka June 02, 2012

Very interesting and tasty! I ended up baking it for almost 1 hour, covering the pan with foil after 40 minutes. I can only recommend to line the bottom of the loaf pan with greased foil or parchment paper, or to use a silicone pan, because the cake stuff to the bottom and was a bit difficult to remove. Otherwise, this is delicious! The taste is very reminiscent of halvah, but the orange and spices add many more layers of flavor.

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Benas June 11, 2007

This is an excellent tahinopita Ev! I pretty much made as stated only I increased the sugar to 1-1/4 cups, fresh orange juice is a must for this! Thanks hon...Kitten:)

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Kittencal@recipezazz October 17, 2006

I like the flavor of this- the batter smelled funny, but the flavor is really nice and wonderfully nutty (or seedy, I guess since tahini is made from sesame seeds) and has a lovely hint of orange. I did find, however, that despite tasting moist, it is rather crumbly. It takes a bit of work to eat, though. I guess its just because of the high content of tahini... I did have to tent the bread with foil after about 40 minutes as the outside was browned and the inside still gooey. It was done after about 55 minutes. I did have to substitute the sultanas with flame raisins (they are dark, but nice and sweet). I also substituted the flour with whole wheat pastry flour and the sugar with Sucanat. It rose wonderfully. I was a bit concerned that it would be a tad overspiced, but the tahini flavor is so strong, I think that you need a lot of spices to show up at all. As it is the flavors are perfectly balanced between the tahini, orange and spice flavors. I think this would be excellent with some slightly warm orange marmalade spread on it. Thank you for a very unique cake!

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Roosie October 02, 2004
Tahinopita (A Greek Lenten Cake)