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With a bottle of store bought Annie's Goddess Dressing by my side in the kitchen as reference, I mixed and adjusted this copycat recipe until I got it just right. My husband and I both agreed that this dressing is better than the original. You can thin it down with water if you like a more pourable salad dressing or keep thicker and use as a dip for vegetables and chips. I added one heaping tablespoon of chopped fresh parsley. (Parsley is one of the ingredients in original Annie's that is missing from this recipe.) I also made two versions: one using the two different sesame oils above and the next batch using olive oil. I use the best quality oils I can find. If you want to tone down the pronounced sesame taste a few notches use olive oil. However, we liked both versions equally. The salad dressing is best made several hours in advance to allow the ingredients to work their magic. One more thing, I was out of my homemade tahini so I used an organic brand made by the Maranatha Natural Foods' Company in Oregon. It is a roasted tahini which eliminated the need to toast the sesame seeds as indicated in the recipe. You've made friends of mine and coworkers of husband's very happy to have found this jewel of a recipe. Thank you for sharing it with 'Zaar.

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COOKGIRl February 03, 2005

I LOVE this recipe! So happy to have found it. I just spent close to $10 for two bottles of Annie's and decided to find a cheaper alternative, and finally overcome my addiction, and this recipe fit the bill!
I used organic wheat-free Tamari (soy sauce) instead of the Shoyu, and plain, unsweetened rice vinegar. I didn't have roasted sesame oil, and figured the Tahini should have enough sesame. I instead used a lite-tasting olive oil. It turned out great!

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ifiddle March 20, 2011

It tastes pretty good but it was SOOO thick I had to add juice from 2 lemons & an extra 1/4 cup of water.

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TmOlive September 26, 2013

Very Good recipe. Thank you so much for posting. I used Bragg's raw organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar in place of the red wine vinegar to be more consistent with Annie's ingredients. I found that I needed a little extra lemon juice and vinegar. Looking forward to making it again and having fun tweaking it. Thanks again!

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Orange Walk girl January 23, 2012

So good, so very fattening!

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jicama June 21, 2011

This really is pretty close to Annie's...which I adore and almost never buy since it's so spendy here. As some other reviewers mentioned, I too found the amount of garlic and green onion just a bit too much. I only used 3 grn onions (they were large though), next time I'd scale both of those ingredients back. I tinkered around with more of the other ingredients to lessen the garlic/onion punch, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Planning to make a potato salad with this, I think it will be great.

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magpie diner April 22, 2011

I am a huge fan of Simply Natural's Goddess Dressing and this recipe came the closest to matching the ingredient list on the bottle. I am sugar/honey free, so I adapted this recipe and posted it here on my blog (with a yummy falafel spinach salad recipe). http://organiquegal.com/falafel-spinach-salad-tahini-dressing-cold-weather.html

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aprilmae November 22, 2010

I love Annie's Goddess dressing, but can't afford to keep buying it! I'm so glad to have found this recipe - thank you! Maybe my garlic cloves and green onion bulbs are larger (or it's just our taste preference) but I've found that using two garlic cloves and two green onions were more than enough.

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melloduce June 30, 2010

I used apple cider vinegar because that's what is listed on Annie's ingredients. I don't recommend doing that unless you don't like that vinegar tang, which I reeeeeally do. Anyway, I added extra red wine vinegar and was able to get it to my liking. I also used tamari instead of soy sauce. I would say this is as delicious as Annie's.

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messystation April 22, 2010

Excellent! Great as is. However as I like things tangy I added a bit more soy sauce and vinegar..personal preference.... Addicting! I love this!

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adriennenewton January 22, 2010
Tahini Goddess Salad Dressing