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I love this but do it to taste, more tahini depending upon the quality. It's good as a dip with peeled Macintosh apple slices (My favorite). Like another reviewer I wanted to eat this a lot when I was pregnant as well. I have also made this with grape syrup and carob syrup and it was delicious as well. Yet with date syrup is my favorite way. Most times I do not add any freshly squeezed lemon. With the lemon juice it is Kurdish style. I will make this again.

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UmmBinat September 29, 2010

my friend used to make this for me but rather then combining the ingredients, she would pour them on a plate almost like yin yang and you can dip in each as much as you like. i will have to try this way too.

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taratottie April 25, 2008

my hubby makes this for me when i was pregnant the first time..(he's iraqi)... first time i tried it i couldn't believe how good it is...it is hearty and rich and bitter and sweet and nutty all at the same time...excellent stuff, but you've got to eat it with real iraqi flat bread...or iraqi lavash mmmm....i am now pregnant with our 3rd, and i am still hooked on it...it is the best pregancy craving food!

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bellybutonlint October 27, 2007
Tahini and Date Syrup Dip (Dibis W'rashi)