Tacos in a Bag (Or Taco Salad in a Bag)

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 5 mins

Not really a 'recipe', just a way to serve them when you have a lots of kids over, and most important NO MESS to clean up. My DS's and their cousins really had fun with this, and they could layer whatever they wanted. I'm giving just an estimated quantity and serving is for 1 person. To free up your time buy presliced vegetables from the local salad bar in your supermarket, just place them individually in the plastic produce bag and place in salad bar container to keep ingredients apart.

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  1. Heat leftover taco meat in microwave.
  2. Have the kids help you carry the rest of the ingredients outside to the picnic table (you carry the meat).
  3. Hand each child a plastic sandwich bag and pour the corn chips in the bag.
  4. Have each child gently crush the chips, not roughly or else they'll poke holes in the bags.
  5. Have each child walk around the table to layer their own ingredients in the bag, pass each child a fork and dig in!.
  6. Simply toss out the bag when they are done.


Most Helpful

What a great idea this recipe is. We just put in what we liked in each invidual bag and what I liked is all we needed was a fork less dishes after being tired after starting school back.

texasmom61 August 23, 2008

I used this recipe for camping this past weekend. Wow! We loved it. I only had corn chips, taco meat, salsa, cheese, and shredded lettuce set out but it was plenty. The smaller kids had theirs in a bowl instead. This is gonna make our camping meal rotation for sure! It was an easy way to have a very delicious meal while in the woods. Thanks for posting.

Chef Doozer July 28, 2008

This meal was voted the #1 favorite of the students at my children's elementary/jr high school. To make it easier for the chef they purchase the individual snack-size bags of corn chips. Always budget-minded, I tried your sandwich bag idea. It worked great for our family and clean-up was a cinch. DH and I really enjoyed the "grown-up" toppings while the kids just ate the taco sauce, cheese and tomatoes. Thanks for a fun family meal!

Acerast April 10, 2006

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