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Looked around for a few recipes and thought this might be an interesting one. Haven't tried it yet though. If I try this one, will write a review. I found it on

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  1. Mix above ingredients.
  2. In a 7-9 inch teflon coated skillet add small amount of vegetable oil or Pam and place over medium-high heat. Pour small amount of batter in pan and spread evenly and thinly to make crepe-line pancake (reminder, stir batter often to keep cornmeal from settling on bottom).
  3. Each tortilla will cook in a minute or two. You should produce 16-18 tortillas. After this step is done, add enough oil to same skillet for deep frying your tortillas.
  4. When oil is very hot place 1 tortilla at a time, with tongs and a large spoon hold and shape tortilla into taco shells (will be like a large potato chip).

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