Taco Seasoning Packet for the Frugal Home-Maker

Total Time
2 mins
9 mins

The original recipe came from an old "Make-A-Mix" cookbook years ago. I've customized to fit our tastebuds and pocketbook. My thought is: why buy those expensive, chemically flavored little packets when you have all the ingredients on the spice shelf in Mrs. Hubbard's Cupboard?

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  1. Tear off a 4-inch strip of aluminum foil, then tear the rectangle in half to have a roughly 4x4 square OR use a snack-size zipper bag.
  2. Dump all spices & herbs in a small pile.
  3. Fold foil edges up, pressing folds firmly to seal tightly.
  4. Store in a cool dark container.
  5. AT SERVING TIME: Sprinkle packet contents over browned hamburger, add water.
  6. Simmer lightly, cover with lid to allow onions to re-plump.
  7. After about 7 minutes, check if water has simmered off and if onions are plumped up. If not, add another tablespoon (or two), and continue plumping.
  8. We prefer our taco/enchilada meat a bit juicy, but you may wish to remove the lid and let it dry before serving.
  9. USES: tacos, taco salad, burrito, tostada, enchilada, Mexican lasagna.