Taco Seasoning Packet for the Frugal Home-Maker

Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 9 mins

The original recipe came from an old "Make-A-Mix" cookbook years ago. I've customized to fit our tastebuds and pocketbook. My thought is: why buy those expensive, chemically flavored little packets when you have all the ingredients on the spice shelf in Mrs. Hubbard's Cupboard?

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Tear off a 4-inch strip of aluminum foil, then tear the rectangle in half to have a roughly 4x4 square OR use a snack-size zipper bag.
  2. Dump all spices & herbs in a small pile.
  3. Fold foil edges up, pressing folds firmly to seal tightly.
  4. Store in a cool dark container.
  5. AT SERVING TIME: Sprinkle packet contents over browned hamburger, add water.
  6. Simmer lightly, cover with lid to allow onions to re-plump.
  7. After about 7 minutes, check if water has simmered off and if onions are plumped up. If not, add another tablespoon (or two), and continue plumping.
  8. We prefer our taco/enchilada meat a bit juicy, but you may wish to remove the lid and let it dry before serving.
  9. USES: tacos, taco salad, burrito, tostada, enchilada, Mexican lasagna.
Most Helpful

This was really easy to make. Not too spicy, but what packaged taco seasoning is? Worked well in the recipe I prepared it for. It might be better with some salt, but for those looking to eliminate salt, this is great. Made by a Saucy Senorita for ZWT5.

Sue Lau June 02, 2009

Well, I liked that it wasn't all that spicy. I like the taste of spices and herbs but am not great with spicy. So, this was perfect for me and my husband could then pile on the hot sauce and other stuff to increase the heat to his levels. It was nice to be able to taste the actual meat in the tacos rather than simply spices. The only problem is that I now feel totally loco for ever having bought the packets before when it is this simple to do yourself. Made for the Chow Hounds on ZWT5.

Sarah_Jayne May 22, 2009

So there were good things, bad things, and middle of the road things about this recipe for my gang. For the hotheads, there wasn't nearly enough heat. For the kids, this was great. For me, I liked that it had (as NELady said) an herby flavor, and NOT a cumin flavor. And still others said it tasted liked taco meat, which I guess is a good thing! :) Overall a good recipe in my book, which I may kick up with some ancho or cayenne next time I make it. Thanks for posting. Made for ZWT5, for the Groovy GastrpGnomes.

CraftScout May 11, 2009