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AT NO POINT SHOULD YOU USE DRIED PARSLEY FOR TABBOULEH!!! As I understood there is a lower option to do so in the introduction. That is totally unauthentic and wouldn't taste good. Saying that, this is perfect, traditional tasting tabbouleh with the fresh parsley. The salad looked really nice laid out on the baby romaine leaves that I used and I would use them with this salad again. I made our tabbouleh gluten free by using cooked quinoa in place of the soaked bulgur. I'm unsure how much a bunch is but I think I may have used less green onion than called for per preference. I used 4 green onions and 4 stalks of fresh mint. I did use 3 whole regular limes squeezed in place of the key limes. I will make this again both with cooked quinoa the same way and I would like to try it with sprouted quinoa. Made for The Big Fat Greek Tag Game! For the WHOLE of September 2010 in KK's forum.

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UmmBinat September 26, 2010