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Love it when I make homemade biscuits AND they turn out! LOL The amount of Tabasco called for didn't give me very much, 3-4 drops per biscuit. Next time, I may melt a tablespoon or so of butter, adding in the Tabasco and brushing over the tops. made as directed, my yield was 9, and mine didn't rise as much because I used a glass to cut them out, instead of a biscuit cutter. Thanks for sharing a winner of a recipe, Celticevergreen!

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alligirl July 22, 2013

Yum , I made these for breakfast and they were a delicious treat with sausage and coffee. I reduced the amount of tabasco and incorporated it into the dough (confession - I wasn't reading the recipe and assumed it went in not on top), it gave the biscuits just a little tang that really complimented the cheese. Looking at a previous photo and the amounts in the recipe I thought there wasn't enough so I doubled the baking powder . The taste, texture and rise came out great. I did need to add a little extra buttermilk but that's not unusual since moisture can really vary in flour. I like to pat my biscuit dough into a square and cut them so there's no scraps to reroll and I got 15. Made for ZWT 9 by a member of Mike and the Appliance Killers

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momaphet July 20, 2013

Great and easy buttermilk biscuit recipe. Made the recipe as written. Everyone enjoyed the cheese and Tabasco sauce in the biscuits. Nice and flaky biscuits. Thank You. Made for ZWT9 - The Apron String Travelers.

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MomLuvs6 July 27, 2013

After seeing Baby Kato's photo had to give these a try. I was surprised to see it called for cake flour, never tried that with biscuits before but it made for a very light, fluffy texture. I did double the baking soda & as another suggested, mixed the Tabasco with melted butter to brush the tops & added a small amount of the cheese to the top prior to baking. These didn't rise much when baking, but the flavor and texture was great, served to DH with a topping of sausage gravy & an omelet with hot coffee & he declared it a winner. Just enough different version of biscuits to be exciting.

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Bonnie G #2 March 16, 2014

What a terrific recipe, we loved these delicious buttermilk biscuits. It was a quick and easy to make recipe, with wonderful results. The biscuits were perfect, rose well, were tender, light and fluffy and tasted amazing. I did add a few more drops of tabasco. The cheese, tabasco and buttermilk complimented each other perfectly. Made for ZWT9.

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Baby Kato July 26, 2013

We had breakfast for dinner tonight and it included these lovely biscuits. They are great!. I grated the cheese and the Tabasco went into the dough so that DH wouldn't be as aware of it but aside from that they were made per the recipe. Very good texture and taste. Made for ZWT 9

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Annacia July 22, 2013

There's something so satisfying about dislodging chunks of stuff from underneath things...mud in your shoe treads, dried ketchup under a cap, cheese baked on a pan. I crack myself up. It's a keeper!

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gailanng April 24, 2013
Tabasco Cheddar Biscuits