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I'm absolutely amazed at what you can do with TVP. I asked a vegan friend at work what type of meat crumbles she preferred, and she told me to use TVP. Every recipe that I've used with it so far has been successful! Including this one! I can't believe it tastes just like sausage. If I didn't know it was NOT sausage, I would believe it was. I can't wait to put this in lasagne or spaghetti or something. One question though... I tried using this in a soup I was making... and a lot of the spices came off the TVP and into the soup ... it still tasted good though... but I'm wondering would that be to me not cooking it in the oil long enough or is it just that I shouldn't add it to soup?...

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Dashaque September 27, 2014

These were awesome! I did double the recipe and actually ended up mixing with a container of Pomi tomatoes to serve with pasta. It was really tasty! My husband already requested this again for dinner tonight. Thanks for a super easy and delicious recipe!

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keramil April 30, 2014

This is very tasty, but my quibble is about the serving size. 19 grams? This recipe serves 8? I double the recipe all the time because it makes so little---you end up with less than a cup of the stuff if you make the recipe as written. When I double it, I use about half a cup for a pizza and then I have two small containers to freeze for future meals. Also, I agree with the others---use only one Tbls. of the Braggs or tamari or soy sauce. Otherwise, it's way too salty.

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oldruth13 October 25, 2013

Holy cow. I registered just so I could give this recipe 5 stars. Since going gluten and sugar free, I've had to lay off the prepackaged burger style crumbles, so when my family requested lasagne for dinner I wasn't sure what to do for the "meat" part of the recipe. A little googling brought up this recipe and it was just amazing. I wanted to just eat it all on its own to be honest, but it was perfect in the lasagne. I took the other reviewer's advice and lowered the soy sauce to 1 TBSP and I used whole fennel seeds instead of ground ones, but other than that I made it as the recipe specified and it was perfect. I'll never eat that prepackaged stuff again!!!

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adorpheusdotcom September 09, 2011

OMG Prose YUM! This stuff is pure genius. I couldn't believe how well it came out. I cleaned out the kitchen before we left on vacation and we came home to - not a lot - I threw together some pasta with the most basic tomato sauce and needed something to take it up a notch. This was awesome! I did add it some extra spices (thyme, oregano, parsley and a pinch of nutmeg). Love it! So quick and delicious. This is going to be fabulous for vegan breakfast pizzas too! Thank you!!

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Nikoma August 14, 2011

Great stuff! Doesn't get much quicker than this - I threw it together for lunch and we used it in tacos. The only comment around the table was that it was a bit salty, so next time I'll start with 1 tbsp of Braggs and add more later on if need be. I just pan fried it in a smidge of oil, with some parsley, et voila! Thanks Prose, another great creation!

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magpie diner March 30, 2010
T. V. P. Sausage Crumbles (Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten-Free)