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* 7/31/08 edit--This was so MUCH better the next day. Took the left overs to work and it went over really well. It really needs time for the flavors to meld well.**This was quite tasty. I thought the bell peppers came through a little too strong, however. I had to sub habenero peppers for the jalapenos because the current restrictions. This was great on its own, but I also wrapped in a tortilla with pepper jack cheese and grilled on my panini press and it was amazing!

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Vicki in CT July 31, 2008

Excellent salad that I served with sticky rice and roasted sweet potato. Thanks! Made for Zaar World Tour by a fellow Looney Spoon! :)

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Sharon123 May 21, 2010

This salad is absolutely fantastic! I give it 10 stars! I didn't have red bell pepper but that's the only deviation from the recipe that I made. The salad didn't miss the red bell, this is so very good! The flavors are awesome and I can't wait to try it again tomorrow when the flavors have melded together even more. Made for Veggie Swap Lucky 13, and I will continue to make this one regularly.

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DeeVaFoodie August 09, 2009

Absolutely wonderful!! I can see why this won the Vegetarian Times recipe contest!!! I love all the flavors and the szechuan sauce is just the right amount, not too harsh. Has great crunch and I love the avocado with these flavors!! Made this for good luck on New Year's Day, thanks for posting!

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Chef*Lee December 31, 2008

This is really great!! I made this when it came out in Vegetarian Times (October 2007). The sauce that Zaar's computer doesn't recognize is San-J Hot & Spicy szechuan stir-fry and marinade(with a dragon on the bottle) It gave it a good kick, but not too hot, just right. The combination of the szechuan with the avocado and other fresh ingredients was amazing!!! No wonder it won first place for the 2007 reader recipe contest!!!!!!!

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Chef Au Vin July 03, 2008
Szechuan Black-Eyed Pea Salad