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This is a delicious treat! All of the flavors come together beautifully and every single ingredient shines! I especially loved the dough - it is so easy to work with and to roll out. The orange juice should be fresh squeezed to maximize the taste. Oh, and fresh, garden-grown oregano! I made this the day before, but didn't have time to let it cool before cutting. I wrapped in parchment and foil, and it's no worse for wear. It is moist and delicious, looks great on the plate. Although it would be great with dinner, I think this makes a great addition to an appetizer table. It is so unique and so gooooood! Finally, this is a great recipe because my mind keeps racing to think of other things to roll up in addition to or instead of the olives. Hmmmmm; garlic, basil, raisins, pine nuts. Not all together, but just to change things up now and then. The possibilities are endless! Thanks so much for posting this keeper of a recipe!

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Jostlori September 28, 2013
Syrian Olive Pastries