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This was my first try at making kolaches since I had no idea what they were until recently. Delightful little things. I had no clue how much dough to use per kolache or how to assemble them, how much filling to put, how to close them shut, etc. So the end results ranged from warped ping-pong ball sized to the size of my fist. But I guess we have to start somewhere. I think I'll cut off the excess "tail" next time and maybe use a cookie cutter to be more uniform. The bread itself was really soft and light with a nice crust. Also, I'll be sure to season my filling really well next time. If you don't salt it enough, the flavor gets in all the bread. Thank you for sharing, I'll be making these again.

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greenlove00 October 23, 2013

This is the BEST dough recipe I have ever used!!! Easy to put together, the dough rises great and is easy to work with. My kolaches were fabulous and today I am making cinnamon rolls out of the dough. Thank you for this GREAT recipe!!!!!

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Susy Q March 14, 2013

These were amazing! I might have spilled a little extra sugar in there, then I added breakfast sausage patties or bacon with Velveeta and jalapeno slices and they are simply amazing! I grew up in Houston, then moved to Ohio and nobody up here has even heard of the word "Kolache," so I came here and found your recipe and....voilla!!!!
Thanks for having this posted for people like me to see!

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KingT February 10, 2012

Thank you! My kids love the local ham & cheese kolache pockets made by family donut shops here in Houston. I've been looking for a dough recipe for a while! When I asked at the bakery what their recipe was they just said "we get a mix"!!! This is SO much like what we get fresh from the local shop.
I posted an extension of this recipe (citing Sylvia's 238688 of course) for anyone who wants to see how I "finish" the kolaches

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Cookin'Jay December 21, 2011

Thank You!! I have moved a few times and lost my mom's recipe for kolache dough. I was crushed when I could not find it last Christmas. I knew it had a lot of flour, yeast and eggs cause I made it for several years. I have searched several sites and this recipe is like I remember especially when you said about the cinnamon rolls. My mom used to make cinnamon rolls after too!. I still have not seen the filling my mom used. It was a prune filling with prunes, applesauce and sugar but I think I can replicate that to taste. Thank you sooo much now I will be making them this year!

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chronoa December 10, 2010

I have been searching for a good kolache dough recipe and stumbled across yours and I must say that this is the best ever! These taste just like the ones we have here in Texas. I stuffed some with German Sausage, Kielbasa, and German Sausage with green chilis. Next time I will put some cheese in them. These were simple to make and didn't take a whole lot of time. Thank you for posting this recipe!!

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tturedraider30 September 06, 2008

I have been looking for a good kolache dough recipe for a while now, and this is it! I dont like a sweet dough, so I took down the sugar to two tbl. Before I baked my kolaches, I brushed them with an egg wash, which helped them brown up nicely for me. I made sausage and cheese kolaches, and they were better than the ones you buy at the doughnut shops. I used american kraft singles for my cheese, and eckridge farms breakfast sausages for my meat. I rolled each sausae with a piece of cheese and rolled them in the dough. Make sure they are sealed well because the cheese will escape and make a sticky mess!!

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chef victoria #2 March 03, 2008
Sylvia's Kolache Dough