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I used Emmenthal swiss cheese and gruyere. I used 1/2 cup of riesling white wine and remaining was apple juice. I used plain brandy. I had cherry brandy but wasn't too sure we would like it with it. I omitted the nutmeg. We had too much liquid. Maybe we did something wrong. The cheese wouldn't mix with the liquid. But the taste was great. It's probably out fault. I'm sure we added the cheese too fast in the wine. Thanks Sam :) Made for PRMR tag game

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Boomette October 12, 2009

I only had regular brandy but otherwise made a 1/4 batch as directed. This is very easy to do. The wine and cheese go very well together. I made this exclusively for my DH as he is a swiss/gruyere lover. I used Pinot Grigiot for the white wine. He felt the brandy made it a bit strong, but perhaps that is why the recipe calls for cherry brandy. My half loaf of french bread 'myseriously' dissapeared last night, so I had to use white bread cubes. He gave this 4 stars, but said with a sweeter brandy and french bread, it would be definite 5-star! Thanks for sharing the recipe. :)

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2Bleu June 18, 2009
Swiss Fondue - Switzerland