Swiss Chard, Stir Fried, with Feta Cheese

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 5 mins

Low cal veggie, High iron. Great with the touch of Feta & Pine nuts. Don't overcook. You can include this in a Chinese meal as an exta vegetable dish

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. In a wok heat the oil (medium heat).
  2. Add shallots; stir fry 1 minute or until just beginning to brown.
  3. Add Swiss Chard, toss and cover.
  4. Cook 2 minutes.
  5. Remove cover and cook about another minute.
  6. If there is any liqiud drain it off.
  7. Stir in the Feta cheese, cook 30 seconds or until it starts to melt.
  8. Add Pine nuts and season.
  9. Serve immediately.
Most Helpful

This was an excellent veggie dish! First, I was a shallot short, but I added some red onion to my shallot and that turned out well. And I cut back on the oil, only finding half as much to be necessary. You didn't say what to do with the stalks of the chard (I assumed they didn't go in), but I didn't want to waste them so I steamed them for 15 minutes and added them with the rest of the chard leaves. And then you know me..I put in more feta than called for!!!! :) This turned out great! The pine nuts were a nice touch, too. Good work, Bergy! You sure you're not an Iron Chef? ;)

Sue Lau April 24, 2002

Wow - This was really good! I accidentally bought chard at the market (thought it was rhubarb!) and then searched for a recipe on so I could use it. I tried this recipe last week - made it exactly as written only added sun dried tomatoes. What a great dish - fabulous flavor! So, now I'm going to the market to purposefully buy chard. Thanks for sharing such a neat recipe!

LaurelAnn October 12, 2009

Bergy: I have JUST one questions - WHERE can I find swiss chard?? I tried ALL of our local stores, and since I'd already bought all the ingredients to make this - I finally ended up substituting fresh kale for the swiss chard. I'm unsure if this was even an acceptable substitute, but it was GREAT! I will keep my eyes open for swiss the meantime, even DH raved about this - and he does NOT like cooked greens of ANY kind! Surprised me - he has already said I need to make it again! I used extra feta cheese (garlic/onion flavored), and of course a few extra pine nuts, since we love them as well! THANK you for sharing! This is a KEEPER!

WJKing January 09, 2004