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Absolutely perfect, although I do make it with half the amount of lemon juice (perhaps I use larger lemons). It works also with brown lentils (I prefer it this way). I like adding the zest of the lemon to it also, and, like the previous reviewer, I prefer adding cilantro at the end.

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Anya August 07, 2009

This was the soup that I posted when this site was called recipezaar.com...thanks for finding my recipe again..

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ruzu November 19, 2010

I made this soup tonight, only I used red lentils because I didn't know they were not as "robust" as the others. I also didn't have cilantro but used ordinary parsley and added a little bit of rosemary. However, despite the little changes......It turned out REALLY good! I love it! I also put small cubes of fetta cheese in the bottom of the bowl, ladelled the soup on top and we just gobbled it up! Fetta complimented the soup wonderfully. I will be making this again.

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monstermum October 03, 2010

I am giving this 5 stars for DD (toddler) who loved it and for me but only a day later. It got better after it sat in the fridge overnight and a subsequent day. I changed 2 of the main ingredients. I used baby spinach instead of swiss chard because it was not available. I added it 15 minutes before the end of cooking time but would recommend just 10 minutes if using it. I did not have fresh cilantro by mistake so I added some chopped parsley but I think this would be good with the fresh cilantro as then end result with my modifications was pretty bland the first day. I used brown lentils instead of green, like another reviewer and think that was a good choice and if trying this recipe another time would do likewise. I did add the optional potato which was a good addition. I doubt may make this again and try with swiss chard. If not I would make it a day ahead of time before eating.

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UmmBinat September 15, 2009

I really liked this recipe. The one change I made to it was that I added the cilantro at the end when I added the lemon juice to keep the flavor more sharp and distinct. If you make this dish, go out of your way to pick up fresh lemons, the tart accent is wonderful.

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Aram August 03, 2008
Swiss Chard and Lentil Soup With Lemon Juice