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Fun! This recipe was a hit with my girls and her girl scout troop. I made a couple batches of it...the first was pink and blue frosting, topped with pariels, it looked like cotton candy, second batch was blue and pink again but somehow the color merged more this time...which came out looking like laverder and pink. I used regular food coloring. I place frosting inside a large baggie, one color on one side of the bag and the other color on the other side. I do recommend a pastry bag rather than using a plastic baggie...just so your colors are more seperated. Thanks for the recipe!

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chef FIFI February 16, 2009

Absolutely Fantastic! Also great with pastel coloured icing!! This is making an appearance at easter!

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EliteTwig February 05, 2009

I topped Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes with this icing, just using blue and yellow. I mixed the colors in freezer bags, then cut the corner off the bags, and used them to fill my Pampered Chef decorator. It worked out great. (If I was doing more colors I probably would have tried the paintbrush method.) Thanks for sharing!

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AmyMCGS April 02, 2008

This worked out perfectly for decorating my son's 3rd birthday cake. Bright colors and a pretty design- although it did stain hands and tongues and shirts quite a bit. When making a second cake for the kids' party, I mixed up the white icing and the food coloring paste in individual bowls, then put each batch into a sandwich baggie and snipped one corner, then stuck all 3 zip bags with the open end into my pastry bag and squeezed them at the same time, so the colors layered into the pastry bag. Although it was a bit messier and a little more work, the colors were smooth and even and didn't stain near as much, but still gave the swirled effect that looked very impressive. Thanks so much for posting- I will be doing this often!

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eknecht August 28, 2007
Swirled Icing for Cupcakes