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I wanted to love these, but I didn't think the chocolate chips added anything to the flavor and they were too short. The cheesecake flavor was overwhelmed by the wafer and the chocolate. If I made them again I'd leave out the chips and maybe put in some sort of fruit preserves. I'd also make fewer of them & make them larger.

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wife2abadge April 30, 2007

Oh, I really was hoping to love these as much as the others but truthfully I wasn't fond of the swirled chips or the texture of the cheesecake. I did use raspberry/chocolate chips for half of them & those tasted better. Of course it didn't help when SO insisted on leaving the second batch in the oven a little longer so the chips would melt (which they didn't). Those ended up with a slightly burnt taste. HOWEVER, there are several plusses to this recipe which I'll try again. No doubt Nestle has some terrific recipes & this one could easily be adjusted to personal taste by switching chips or experimenting with the cheesecake a bit. Having your own personal cheesecake complete with crust is just plain fun & indulgent. And speaking of fun, this is a terrific recipe to get kids in the kitchen to help out. They could put the cookies in the baking cups, sprinkle the chocolate chips, etc. I'm not giving up on this one- with a few adjustments to suit my palate I'm sure this could easily jump to a five star treat!

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Christmas Carol December 30, 2006

I loved these little morsels of heaven. I only got 31 out of my batter and we don't have swirled morsels here in my part of Canada. Instead I used white and dark chocolate chips and they were just as good but maybe not so pretty. I love this recipe because I think you could do many different variations of it. I would like to try a cherry filling for the top next or even drizzle caramel sauce over top of the choc. chips to fancy it up a bit. Everyone loved them. Thanks for submitting.

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Chefwendel February 21, 2006

These are absolutely scrumptious! I made 24 instead of 36, more like a brownie cheesecake. Yum! Thanks for posting.

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SJones January 17, 2006
Swirled Cheesecake Nibbles