Swimmer's Ear / Moisture Drying Solution

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READY IN: 2mins
Recipe by peachez

For anyone who has gotten water, shampoo etc in your ears, you know how excruciating an ear infection from moisture can be. I make up small batches just for those times. When the hydrogen peroxide stops making " expoding sounds " in the ears, make a fresh batch and redate. Also helps to dissolve ear wax build-up. Saves many trips and money to the Doctor when you can prevent the infection. Can be used daily. Like any infection, if a temperature, drainage, redness or pain has already occured, please see your Doctor.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • Equal parts

  • isopropyl rubbing alcohol (70%)
  • solution hydrogen peroxide (3%)
  • empty sinus spray bottle, throughly clean bottle & nozzle, let dry


  1. Mix equal parts rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide in clean bottle (s).
  2. Clearly mark with water proof tape, what this contains, for whom it belongs and date made.
  3. Use after showering, swimming etc.
  4. Please keep container away from children.

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