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After enjoying seared sweetbreads at a restaurant, we decided to try them at home. This recipe was easy and delicious. Our only addition was to soak the sweetbreads in a couple of changes of cold water for two hours before poaching. This seemed to draw out a lot of blood and "freshen" them from the store's packaging. The finished sweetbreads were soft and creamy white on the inside, brown and crisp on the outside. It is difficult to describe the taste, but sweetbreads are a little like smooth, bacon-y liver, but not at all chewy. (The experience was not too unlike tasting seared foie gras, but was decidedly less decadent.) Eaten alone, sweetbreads are very rich; we are going to try some of the fried pieces atop a spinach salad next.

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~Lauri~ September 19, 2009

I found that 2 minutes on each side, at very high heat as suggested, is excessive. In addition, unless the shallots are added toward the end of the cooking process, they are liable to burn and turn bitter. OK otherwise.

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johnphotiades April 13, 2015

In Argentina (my native country) we BBQ sweetbreads over red hot coals, after is in the plate we dipped the crusty meat in our own sauce (chimichurry) and eat them with the rest of the meat and salad. A delicacy everybody enjoy. Celia

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celuzate January 26, 2010
Sweetbreads (Pan Seared)