Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 30 mins

DUE TO THE "COMMENT" ON THE RATING SECTION, I THOUGHT IT BEST THAT I POINT OUT THAT THE GROUND BEEF IS LEAN GROUND BEEF, OR GROUND TURKEY CAN BE USED IF YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT THE FAT CONTENT. I ALSO THINK THERE MAY BE AN ERROR IN THE COMPUTATION OF THE NUTRITIONAL DATA. i usually feed my toddler strictly fish and veggies but wanted to add a bit of meat to her diet for once and a while. small meatballs with just enough sweet taste for a toddler and just the right size for those that are too independent to be fed and get frustrated with forks and spoons. you can also add a dipping sauce on the side. i use all organic ingredients for these and i never really measure so use your best judgement; i am just a beginner cook and i am sure you can improve these vastly!!!!! i also froze them and they were just as good when i cooked them up.

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  1. mix all ingredients together, using as much egg and breadcrumbs as you need to get the consistency you want; just as long as they hold together nicely.
  2. roll into quarter size balls and place casserole dish or aluminum roasting pan that has olive oil on the bottom to prevent the meat balls from sticking.
  3. bake 350 for thirty minutes.
  4. my daughter loves these plain; but you can make a sweet and sour sauce to go with them for dipping.


Most Helpful

I forgot the garlic powder and didn't oil the bottom of my casserole dish, but otherwise I followed the recipe exactly. The meatballs came out beautifully; they didn't stick at all. My son ate ALL the meatballs on his plate, asked for more, and said "YUM!" when I did so. Even I couldn't resist going for seconds! Also, I halved this recipe and only used half of the mixture. I ended up making about 36 meatballs from half of half of this recipe. So the nutritional facts must be calculated wrong, because the "Servings Per Recipe" is WAY off.

Seresuto February 16, 2011

life saver. My 3 year old daughter, who eats NOTHING and is anemic, LOVES these. I chop them into tiny "baby" pieces and I can get her to eat 5-7 at a time. So relieved. And they are delicious, my husband and I eat them all the time.

seales1010 June 18, 2010

GREAT recipe. My Daughter is very very thin at 18 months she is 21 lbs. I do believe they calculated it wrong, but for us and her Dr who keeps telling us to add more fat more fat more calories, I swear I cant add more. But This is a good way to help a bit. I dont use lean beef, for that reason. But either way I think its great. She loves Ground beef.

Kamden & Alyssas Mommy April 26, 2010

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