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Swordfish was on sale this week, so we picked up 2 steaks (enough for 4 people - they're HUGE!) and I, naturally, consulted *Zaar for a quick marinade/rub recipe specifically for swordfish. I decided to use fresh ginger and fresh garlic cloves (I had to get rid of them). I only had 1 tbsp left of fresh ginger, so I also added 1/8 tsp ginger powder (2 tbsp fresh = 1/4 tsp ground). I used two fresh cloves garlic (1 clove = 1/8 tsp powder). I minced them and whizzed all ingredients (using fresh cracked black pepper and splenda) in my mini cuisinart. We GRILLED ours (no need for oil - so we omitted) with lemon slices on top. They tasted ginger-y, but not overpowering. Very subtle. Personally, I enjoy BOLD flavors, so I'd suggest doubling (or even tripling) the recipe and rubbing both sides thoroughly. We served this simply with grilled veggies and corn. For my own piece, I liberally squeezed lemon and cracked black pepper all over the top to create a crust (hey, I said I like BOLD flavors ;) All in all, it was good and worth using up m leftover fresh ingredients.

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nomnom July 14, 2003

I really loved this rub! It was smoky, spicy and sweet.

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JenJBissett March 22, 2010

I made this some weeks ago and it was yummmmmy. I used all of the spice mixture and with all the same proportions with two steaks instead of the recommended four, and the flavor was just right for our taste buds.

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Astorin February 03, 2009

not bad at all. the flavors are subtle enough to not overpower the richness of the fish. could have used a little more kick i thought, but thats just my own personal preference. thumbs up :)

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LizzyGirl09 January 27, 2008
Sweet Spice-Rubbed Swordfish