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I'm from Gujarat and ever since I got married, I've been trying to make the traditional Gujarati recipes like this staple, like my mom. I've always been dissatisfied with my attempts UNTIL NOW, that is! This is the perfect balance of flavors, and by the way, so very healthy. I use ghee instead of oil and don't worry if you don't have cilantro, it is still delish.You can just boil the sprouted mung for about 7 minutes instead of using a pressure cooker and I don't rinse or discard the water. The reason is mung water is very healthy for you. It is not the sweet and sour in the Western sense, by any means. It is savory and well-balanced Indian spices w/ just the tiniest hint of sweetness. I actually don't like to always add lime. Thanks so much for my mung shaak household recipe!

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Loveblumes January 09, 2010
Sweet & Sour Sprouted Mung Beans