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Oh, Mirj...mere words don't do this one justice! I've never been a fan of sweet potato casseroles for Thanksgiving, because they all have marshmallows (which I hate!). This was awesome, and it will definately be on my Thanksgiving table this year! I wouldn't change a thing! Made this yesterday and took some to work and my co-workers were like vultures once they got a taste. My boss took one bite, and the look of rapture on her face reminded me of the famous Meg Ryan scene in "When Harry Met Sally!" Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe!

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yooper October 01, 2002

For me this turned out to taste just like a big bowl of sweet potato (or pumpkin) pie without the crust. Of course that part of it was good but not quite what I had hoped for. I suppose the texture may change some depending on exactly how big your potatoes were and how long you cooked them.

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richabby July 09, 2003
Sweet Potato Spoon Bread