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Unfortunately, this didn't quite work for me...the sweet potato was just a bit too starchy and the garlic was too bitey. Maybe if I cooked the garlic before putting it in, that would solve that problem. But the concept of wonton-wrapper ravioli is a winner, overall... will have to have another go!

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chefdownunda April 13, 2008

Everyone liked this recipe a lot! I used beaten egg whites to hold the edges of the wonton wrapper together - from past experience I found this works better than just water, and I also used a fork to press the edges together. Additionally, I added some butter to the boiling water because I found that otherwise the ravioli stuck to the pot and ripped open. I served this with butter melted together with fresh thyme. Thanks!

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horseplay January 11, 2008

Loved it! And I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy they were to make. We made a homemade alfredo sauce to go with them and they were very, very filling. We'll be making homemade ravioli more often.

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CrispyRice February 12, 2008
Sweet Potato Ravioli