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Cooking here for two I halved the recipe preparing it in a small casserole dish in a small wok. Since I did not have whole milk, I choose to use evaporated skim milk which seemed to be a better fit in trying to create the custard texture of this pudding. Having now enjoyed the velvet texture, certain this was a good decision. Also used Splenda rather than sugar to trim a few calories. The spices here were just perfect - full of good flavor and taste but not to much -- and complemented both the sweetness of the potatoes and creaminess of the custard. I did think it was a touch too sweet but not certain if that was a result of using Splenda or just a matter of taste, but would probably cut it back by a quarter next time. (Not a fan of candied yams as a point of reference.) As suggested, we let this sit for 5 minutes before serving but it just got even better as it sat longer and was just delicious at room temperature. I will certainly make this again as it was so easy to put together and near impossible to goof with.

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justcallmetoni February 25, 2007
Sweet Potato Pudding -- a Wok Recipe