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This pie is really good. I served it with whipped cream. I used canned sweet potatoes (1 1/2 regular sized cans drained and mashed). I used almost 7 tablespoons water for the crust. Breaking down the grams, I used 1/4 and a half of 1/4 cups sugar. I meant to use a little less than 1 cup sour cream, but used a full cup instead. (I was afraid my using too much might make it soggy, but it did not.) I also used my food processor to make the pie crust. I have not always been successful with making pie crusts, but this came out really nice and flaky. I like the allspice in the crust. I'll be using this pie crust recipe for other pies as well. I also covered the edge of the crust with tinfoil before baking. Doing it that way I find I don't break the edge like I always did if putting it on after it has baked awhile. I took it off about 15 minutes before it was done. I made this for Veggie Swap. Thank you for contributing this recipe.

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Toni in Colorado May 12, 2010

Delicious!!! I did use store bought crust! Added orange zest and dried cranberries. So yummy! Thanks!

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Rita~ December 08, 2010

VERY, VERY NICE PIE, & that comes from soneone who absolutely loves pies! Over here in the USA when a recipe calls for sweet potatoes, I ALWAYS use what are called yams (the darker orange, more moist sweet potato) & usually don't peel them! However, for this pie I did get out & use my veggie peeler! This recipe makes for a very flakey, very nice crust, & the filling is WONDERFUL TASTING, what with the combo of yam & sour cream AND cinnamon! I'll certainly be keeping this recipe around! Thanks for sharing it! [Tagged, made & reviewed as a partial 'Thank You' to the chef who adopted me during the current PAC]

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Sydney Mike April 20, 2009
Sweet Potato Pie