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These were very good. I used a yam and just made half a recipe for the two of us. I used veggie cooking spray in a nonstick frypan to cook them, worked out very well! I did add some chopped green pepper, green onion and cilantro I had left over from another recipe, they added a little more colour. We enjoyed them, they were something different, a nice change. Thanks for sharing a good one,

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Derf November 17, 2005

This one really didn't work out for me. Maybe someone who has had good luck with it could quantify "large" sweet potatoes - how many cups grated, or how many ounces. My experience was that there wasn't nearly enough "gooey" to make patties. I fooled around with temperature and use of oil, but the best I could ever do with it was more like hash browns. There's also something the matter with the serving size - usually one potato is one or two servings, not five. And if you really do fry the patties, the nutrional information needs to account for that oil. The test is fine, more reminiscent of african influence than what I usually associate with Mexico, but the form needs some work.

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realbirdlady July 06, 2007

These were very easy to make, and very tasty. I dont eat red meat, so I added green bell peppers with a little bit of seasoning salt. Delicious! Although, next time I may try it with some ground turkey. Thanks!

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Melissa Bell October 29, 2006
Sweet Potato Patties