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This is very tasty but I'll warn anyone who attempts it that it makes a MASSIVE amount of food! I would suggest making a half-sized recipe. I do feel that the amount on the cheese is quite high. I used a lot less and felt it had plenty. I also used a lot less tomatoes, and soaked them in boiling water before adding them to the pan so they would be soft. This recipe might benefit from the addition of something crunchy... some sort of nut perhaps.

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jewelsf January 02, 2012

Very yummy. I used my mincer attachment on Kitchenaid to do the potatoes, worked a charm. I didn't have scales so did two cups of flour, plus extra flour until I got a dough I was happy with. Could definitely get away with less cheese, but totally delicious and mostly an easy recipe. Thanks for sharing.

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Satyne October 28, 2014
Sweet Potato Gnocchi With Goats Cheese and Wilted Salad