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This was easy, and I thought the presentation was beautiful. But it is very sweet and doesn't really taste like a "quiche" at all. However, I've been eating the leftovers and it's really growing on me, so I had to come back and add a star. I think my initial turn-off was that I was looking for something that actually tasted like a quiche and this was more like a vegetable cheesecake. I'm curious to try it again, and cut back on the cream cheese and sugar, and add more egg.

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2CsMom November 30, 2010

I was lucky enough to make this around Thanksgiving & get really nice, fresh cranberries. I recommend using Sugar in the Raw, or something like it... that's what I used, & the cranberries turned out to be a surprising mixture of tangy & sweet. They tasted almost like raspberries. The rest of the filling was stunning & cheesecake-like. This is the first time I feel like I'm bringing something really great to my Thanksgiving potluck!

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erincart November 18, 2010

This was great! I made this for a potluck and got several compliments on it. I used a frozen Mrs. Smith's pie crust which worked quite well. I also had to used canned berries -- I think we can only get fresh ones around here around Thanksgiving. I used half a can like Chef Desiree suggested, but I think a little more might have been good too. My only complaint was that the top didn't come out looking very appetizing.

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Kitchen Kozy May 05, 2007

This was wonderful! It was like thanksgiving dinner in an eggpie! The flavors worked wonderfully together and the colors were beautiful. I did make a few changes though: I used storebought Tenderflake deep dish pie pastry. Also, instead of using fresh cranberries (there were non at the grocers) I used about half a can of Oceanspray whole berry cranberry sauce. Next time I will try and use whole cranberries because I think they would be bigger and jucier but in a pinch the canned stuff worked fine also. I will definatly make this again! Thanks!

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Chez Desirée June 06, 2006
Sweet Potato Cranberry Quiche