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A feast for the eyes as well as your palate! The sweetness of the red peppers, sweet potatoes and corn is offset by the bacon, chicken, thyme and marjoram. The half and half adds richness and a pale yellow background for the red, green, orange and yellow colors of the vegetables and herbs. I started by cooking 3 boneless chicken breasts in the bacon drippings. I set them aside and sauteed the vegetables and herbs having to substitute green onions for the leeks. I substituted red skin yams for the sweet potatoes(for color), heavy cream for the half and half (personal preference) and used 8 cups of chicken broth and 1 cup of water because I had 4 cup boxes of broth. Well, you have done it again Miss Annie! I think I need to add a special category to my cookbook just for your recipes.

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Lorac November 22, 2002

I make a very goog corn chowder that my family loves, but never thought of adding sweet potatoes to it. I made this recipe for a halloween party in crock pot. Yummy. Everyone loved it.

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melinda gilbert November 28, 2002

Took this to a gathering where soup is the theme. It was a hit. It is a wonderfully delicious soup that is perfect for those cold winter nights.

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KarenT December 09, 2002

This soup is so good,everyone loves it. I added some black beans-super yum!!

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randycarri November 11, 2008

Absolutely excellent homemade soup. Perfectly seasoned, and the vegetables go together just right. I just made this for a Halloween party tomorrow and I couldn't resist having some. Red peppers were too expensive so I just added extra of everything else. Also left out the chicken since we have some vegetarians in our group, and I plan to cook the bacon in the microwave tomorrow and let those who want some stir it into their own bowls. My only problem was that the roux was too thin and I couldn't get my soup to thicken. I finally had to make a second, thicker roux and add that, and then it thickened up nicely. Otherwise, a perfectly delicious chowder. Can't wait to try it tomorrow with some bacon. Thanks, Miss Annie!

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Erin R. October 30, 2008
Sweet Potato Corn Chowder