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My dog says thank you! I did check on them during the baking process nad flipped them around to get even cooking for all sides.

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Studentchef June 21, 2011

I make these all the time now. Dog cookies couldn't be easier and all 4 like them. I flip them halfway through cooking time keeps them on the chewier side for my old guy. Also because my dogs are small, I cut the pieces about 2" by 3" and about 1/3" thick. They will shrink by about half after cooking. Great idea!! Thanks for this.

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3shihmum January 10, 2009

I did have to use white sweet potatoes, since we don't get the orange ones here, but it would seem to be the same concept, and they certainly do enjoy them! Even my picky Piper, who doesnt like vegetables, said, ok, I like these :) I stirred them around once or twice, but what an easy treat to please my furbabies with! Thanks, Dreamer!

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Karen Elizabeth July 27, 2011

I couldn't believe my dogs would actually go for these, but with sweet potatoes on sale for 29 cents a pound this week, I figured what the heck. All three of mine love them, and one is a fairly picky eater (the Beagle, go figure). I went back to the store and got a bunch more sweet potatoes, and after they're baked, I'll freeze most and use them over time. What an easy, healthy, safe treat for my pooches! Thank you.

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FanciMcG November 22, 2008

These are really easy to make. I started slicing with a knife and then I got the mandolin out which was much easier. Hope didn't know what to make of it at first. I took a couple across the way to my friend (They have a German Short Hair) an he really loves his veggies. He loved these well when Hope saw him eating them she wanted it too and now she'll beg. Thank you for posting this and I'll be making them again.

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Marlitt March 09, 2008

I got 2 out of 3 dog's paws up for these. The elderly sheltie liked them and the American Brittany liked them but the border collie did not care for them. The sweet potato I used was so thick that I could not cut it lengthwise. Instead, I used a mandoline and created sweet potato chips.

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Marie Nixon January 13, 2008

I made these and although they took a little long, they turned out really well, the trouble was, my dogs somehow knew they were for them and they just keep hanging around the oven, so much they had to go out! Once made they loved them!<br/>Sooooo, next time (last night) I sliced them thinly and tried them again, this time they took 1/2 hour to cook, but they were crispier because of the thinness, but no matter they came out really well.... BUT guess what, they tasted so good, I sat eating them, they were a sweet potato crispy chip, that tasted wonderful!<br/>I did save some for the kids (dog's) because again they knew they were for them, and I would never have been able to face them if I hadn't saved them some!<br/>Wonderful treat that these guys love! Ohh and the leader of the pack loves them also!!! lol<br/>Thanks so much Dreamer, my dogs would thank you also if they could talk!

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Tisme August 05, 2013

I am making these again today.....my dogs just adore sweet potato chews. And it is so much cheaper than buying them....plus it is so much safer for my dogs. I seem to make these on a monthly basis, so thought I'd let you know how much my little dogs love these! *original review from 2008: My dogs loved these! I will take a picture if I can keep them from eating them so fast! I am reviewing these because of Zaar's I recommend tag game! Thanks for the recommendation!

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breezermom April 13, 2013

Well... they're in the oven as I type. A little disappointed because I didn't know that real sweet potatoes are white and I was supposed to buy yams. Hopefully these white sweet potatoes are just as good! I'll update in 3 hours :)

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heyurockmyworld July 10, 2011
Sweet Potato Chews for Dogs