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I thought these biscuits were great! Since we never have leftover sweet potatoes in our house, I used roasted butternut squash. I loved the biscuits with a bowl of hearty soup. I also like that the squash/sweet potato replaces a lot of the butter in the recipe, making it a somewhat healthier option. Perhaps a little more baking powder would help them rise. However, I'll enjoy these again!

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KrisLady January 02, 2009

These are delightful little biscuits. I wanted ones that were relatively low calorie. I changed the recipe to only make 5 biscuits, since I only had 1/2 cup of sweet potato puree. Otherwise, I followed exactly. I was nervous with the small amount of butter (though this was the first time I'd made biscuits.) Like the others, the dough was sticky, but I added some more flour until they came together. I rolled them out and then made them into mini heart shaped biscuits (the only cookie cutter I have). I got 12 small biscuits. They rose pretty well and they taste light and buttery. Next time I might add a bit more salt. Overall, this was a fun recipe and I can't wait to enjoy these biscuits with soup later tonight.

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ElleFirebrand March 09, 2008

These were fabulous! Made for christmas day and they were a HUGE HIT! The only thing that was a little troublesome was that the dough was very sticky. Rolled them out to about half an inch thickness and got about 20 biscuits. They do stay quite flat however, but still, excellent little biscuits! Thanks!

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KitchenKelly December 26, 2007

I always have massive sweet potato leftovers and this was the year I decided to do something about it. I made the recipe as is, but it sure took a lot of extra flour to get the dough un-sticky enough to roll out. And then it seemed to take about five minutes longer than the recipe said to cook them through. Nevertheless, we loved em with butter and jam, we loved em with spiral ham slices, and we even dipped em in soup. Instead of having to throw away sweet potatoes because no one is helping me eat them, I've got a treat that my five kids are going for. This was the first recipe I tried on Recipezaar and I am excited to continue. Maliwali, Glen Rock, PA

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maliwali December 02, 2004
Sweet Potato Biscuits