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I just knew I would love this recipe! The only problem I had was waiting overnight to eat it. I substituted craisins for the currants, just because I had a huge bag full and am always looking for ways to use them up. I keep thinking about using the sweet potatoes, apples, currants, pecans, some celery and the fruit juices, but then folding in some yogurt instead of the rest of the ingredients. It would be a waldorf salad variation. Thanks for posting this innovative recipe Miss Annie.

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Geema April 08, 2003

this was really good, as written. When I made it a second time, I made the following changes: I didn't peel the apples because I liked the contrast of color. I added 3 scallions for a balance of the sweetness (next time purple onion, minced very finely). Served with Ham steaks on the grill and fresh roasted asparagus. very nice. A new summer salad for us! updated 3/2010 to say we added raw kohlrabi to the salad and it was fantabulous!

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freshchef March 27, 2010

This was my first use of raw sweet potatoes, and I was surprised at how much I liked them. This recipe is a keeper. I made a few changes (of course!) - First, instead of shredding the potatoes, I cut them into slices about 1/3 inch thick and quick browned each side on a griddle to brown the outside a bit. I then cut them into a dice, with some odd "matchstick" shapes due to the shape of the potatoes. I added a large spoonful of frozen orange juice concentrate to intensify the orange flavor, and doubled the vinaigrette recipe. I then used half the vinaigrette for the overnight sitting time. The next day, after turning the potato and fruit mixture a few times to disperse the dressing throughout, I tossed a lot of salad greens with the other half of the vinaigrette in a large shallow serving bowl, then heaped about half (maybe a little more) of the potato/apple mixture on top. I saved the currants (I used craisins) and toasted pecan bits to sprinkle on top. It made enough as a side salad for 6 adults, two large teens, and two children. When I make it again, I'll probably add more salad greens, but that's a judgment call for the cook. The tartness of the apple is essential; if all you have is sweet apples, I'd make something else with them and make this when you have tart apples.

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Veggie Eater March 14, 2005

Sounded interesting but found it to be too dry. No one liked it.

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Lil January 01, 2010

Not too shabby! I enjoyed the flavors, colors, and crunch of this dish. I didn't refrigerate it overnight before serving, 'cause I just didn't want to wait on it. The only thing I didn't have on hand were the dried currants, so those were omitted. Thanks for the recipe!

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Kay D. July 11, 2009

I substituted raisins for currants, and used one red apple instead of the 2 green, and cut down a little on the garlic. It's unbelievably good. I think that I actually prefer the taste of raw sweet potato to cooked now. (And I couldn't wait overnight to taste it, so I ate it as soon as it was assembled.) Fantastic!

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DIY July 26, 2008

"The nifty thing about this refreshing salad is ... the sweet potatoes are raw." All the rest of it is just season to taste. I wanted something lighter for the summer, so I got it down to just the apples, sweet potatoes, and lime juice. Other combinations of dried fruit, nuts, and vinegars seem to work great, although I've always omitted the oil. Refrigerating overnight doesn't seem necessary at all, unless you just like a very soft salad. I normally just do 30-60 minutes, to chill. Without the dressing, it also makes a nice mix-in for jello.

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realbirdlady July 23, 2007

Wow! Did this bring back memories! I used to visit the Kokomo Cafe & Gumbo Pot when I lived in El Lay, and this salad was a perfect foil for spicy jambalaya & gumbo dishes. I had made my own version with Best Foods mayo dressing, finely diced green onions or chives, finely minced red (ripe) Anaheim peppers, and crumbled bacon over the top with the crushed pecans. It always evaporates at potlucks, parties and get-togethers. Even people who say they hate sweet potatoes (and who wouldn't when they're served emulsified with gooey marshmallows on top?) love this and can't believe it is raw into the bargain. I'm making this to take to my sister and brother's housewarming party. They're serving jambalaya so this will be the perfect foil.

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Big D -licious September 14, 2006

This is one of the most unique salad recipes I've ever made. I took it to a church dinner and they loved it! I'll be making it again soon. THX!

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Jan Waters July 23, 2005
Sweet Potato and Apple Salad