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I'm in shock. My cucumber hating husband loved this salad which rates at least 5*'s in my book. Since there were just the two of us for lunch, I halved the recipe...but it still made more than enough for 6 servings of salad, since the dressing is quite thick and a little bit goes a long way. The only substitution I made was to use regular milk with a spoon of lemon juice to replace the buttermilk, and everything else was already on hand. Actually I wished I had just used a little more lime juice, since the addition of it in the dressing really gave it a spark. What makes this recipe so special is definitely the combination of fresh herbs and how delicious they taste with the onion and cucumber. I grated some fresh carrots on the salad for a bit of color, but sure do wish I wasn't out of those baby grape tomatoes, knowing they would be a great addition. We owe you thanks for a wonderful recipe.

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Geema July 21, 2006
Sweet Onion and Cucumber Salad With Creamy Tomato Dressing