Sweet Lemon Icebox Pie

Total Time
Prep 3 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is, without a doubt, one of the quickest and easiest pie recipes I have tried. EVERYONE loves it, and I usually need to make a few because they are eaten so quickly. Best of all they are *almost* FAT FREE!! 8)

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  1. Mix condensed milk and lemon together well.
  2. Line a pie plate with wafer cookies, up sides as well.
  3. Pour mixture over cookie wafers.
  4. Add Cool Whip on top.
  5. Refrigerate until pie is firm and serve!
Most Helpful

I made this recipe for my wife's birthday. She loves lemon pie and I thought this would be easy to make. It was. I was concerned about the sweetened milk/lemon juice filling not firming up, but it came out with the consistency of pudding. You think you won't have enough filling. I used an 8" pie pan and it came out perfect. A 9" should be ok as well. Not a lot of filling, but just enough to cover the cookies. Think of this recipe like banana pudding but with lemon custard. Don't get me wrong, the pie was very good and my wife loved it. I wouldn't hesitate to make it again. Very easy to make. BTW....the nutritional values aren't accurate.

NTexas August 29, 2016

This was just too easy and very delicious! I got 1/2 cup of juice from 2 lemons. I thought that there wasn't going to be enough filling but it was the perfect amount. It just covered the cookies and the Cool Whip evens out the taste to give it the perfect sweet/sour combination. This is definitely a new family favorite. Thanks so much for posting!

mydesigirl January 12, 2010

Can I just say yum, yum, and yum? This simple lemon pie is memorable. I squeezed fresh lemon juice, and also added in the zest from the lemons. I didn't have vanilla wafers on hand, so I made a quickie graham cracker crust instead. And since the farmers' market is exploding with fresh fruit right now, I topped this pie with slices of fresh peaches and fresh raspberries, and we just skipped the cool whip. What a treat! I will definitely use this one over and over again, for its simplicity and ease. I also think that it would be very nice frozen and served very cold, with fruit and whipped topping. That will be for the next time I make this stunning (but simple!) dessert. Sorry there is no picture -- the pie was gobbled up in about 30 seconds, and I couldn't even get my camera out of the case. Thanks, Ocean~Ivy.

Susiecat too August 25, 2008