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This recipe was very good, it tasted alot like a good Pad Thai. I gave it five stars because of the taste - it was wonderful. The only thing that was a bit confusing was knowing when to add the veggies and the noodles. I assume it was step 3, because everything worked out fine.

I made this while our son was visiting and everyone thought it was very good. How good was proved the following morning when we found him eating the Asian noodles - cold and straight out of the fridge! Made this for PAC Spring 2012. Thank you, Hedgiehog for three wonderful recipes!!!

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Jostlori April 12, 2012

I'm an amateur with rice noodles, and the instructions on the packet were so lightly printed that I couldn't read them, so I suspect I over-cooked the noodles, I'll kinow next time. but other than that, and having to be flexible with my vegetables, I followed the recipe closely, i got all the sauces right and that is the secret of this recipe, the sauce combo. This was a very good stirfry, I really like the rice noodle concept and am going to give this another go, bearing in mind that noodles need very little cooking, I suspect just soaking in boiling water is sufficient. Thank you Hedgiehog, much enjoyed. This was made for PAC Fall 2011

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Karen Elizabeth November 03, 2011
Sweet & Hot Asian Noodles