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This is the kind of recipe that you can play around with to get the taste to your liking. The recipe says to simmer mung beans for a total of 30 mins. I found that I had to boil them at a higher temperature much longer to get them soft. Also, I used vanilla instead of pandan leaves. I boiled the beans together with the sugar and vanilla. When serving I put a small portion of beans in a bowl, barely coating them with water and added about a tablespoon of the coconut milk. Then I added a little more sugar, tasting as I went along to get the sweetness right. With a little tweaking this recipe came out great. Next time I will try the pandan leaves or tamarind paste to get a more exotic flavor. The recipe says to serve the soup hot, but I\'ve tried it both ways and I prefer it cold. If you prefer oriental-style desserts, which are less sweet with more subtle flavor, then you will love this recipe.

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Romi224 May 25, 2004

Thank you for an interesting recipe. I had never cooked mung beans before, and was quite surprised at how quickly they cooked. I did add the sugar to taste, and used about 1 tablespoon less. I didn't have pandan leaves, but used 2 drops pure pandan oil. (The oil is very strong, so I was being careful. 3 drops may have been all right, too.) After sampling the soup, I decided I wanted something a little more substantial, so increased the dry coconut milk to 3 tablespoons, and also added 2 tablespoons dry skim milk to add more flavor. I may experiment with sweetened condensed milk next time. I intend to serve this chilled. BTW, I think that it would be possible to get 4 to 5 servings from this.

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mianbao May 13, 2004
Sweet Green (Mung) Bean Soup