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I made this for a church activity and I had so many people coming up to me and complimenting me on this dish! Even going as far to say that if this were a contest your dish would definitely win. ;) I will for sure be making this again. Thanks for sharing!

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kelemalia March 13, 2013

Oh me, oh my! We made these for Father's Day today, hoping they'd be even 1/2 as good as the Cheesecake Factory's "real deal." We were thrilled to find that they're just as good, if not better ('cause we can keep adding more of our favorite sauces and salsas!) Definitely double the corn cake recipe; we have tons of sauces/salsas left over.

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JustCheri June 20, 2010

I made this about a year ago and decided to look it up and make it again for some food photography. The sweet cake and spices are great. The sauces are surprisingly mild, but then I cut the jalepeño to not use the tip or white parts inside. We have found that you must serve the cakes piping hot. If they start to cool down (which happens on a cool plate in cool sauces), the cake loses it's punch. The hot and cool and about as important as the sweet/spicy, creamy crunchy. Instead of 4 cakes, I make 6 smaller cakes and there is still too much southwestern sauce and salsa verde. You could easily double the cake and tomato salsa portions to get 8-12 cakes.

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pjpo98 February 01, 2010

I loved these corn cakes. I didn't make any of the sauces since I already had some sauce I wanted to use the rest of. Instead of baking the corn cakes, I cooked them in a pan like pancakes. I thought they were awesome. My husband didn't really care for them, but that's ok.

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Concoctionista March 31, 2008

This was a huge hit with my family. Next time I will certainly double the recipe next time. Made the salsa verde spicy and not the tomato salsa.

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Carmelsista November 27, 2011

This recipe is becoming a family tradition in our home. I have made it several times and it very good. The prepping of the sauces can take a long time but can be done ahead. The cakes are drier than those at the restaurant, so I add a couple of tablespoons of greek yogurt to the mix. The butter does better slightly melted too. I have also started using greek yogurt instead of mayo in the southwest sauce without noticing any difference. 4 stars instead of 5 just for the time commitment. Taste is 5 stars!

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Working Girl 25 April 07, 2014

As recommended by other reviewers, I doubled the batter. Everyone at the party LOVED these! I only wish I had made more. I didn't even have time to make the 2 salsas. I made the Southwestern Sauce using vegenaise. The only garnish I used was avocado. It was fantastic. Thanks! The only issue I need to resolve next time is preventing the softened butter from freezing when it hits the frozen corn in the food processor, thereby disabling the processor to rotate.

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hadcat January 28, 2014

Delicious- so glad someone working on this copycake recipe! I made a few changes for the sauces and a video to show how it is all done: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRII0hlbFGY

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AmyWesterman August 05, 2013
Sweet Corn Tamale Cakes