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I like to made the recipe once as written, the way the chef did it. Absolutely Delicious.. Couldn't have been happier with the way it turned out.. Yes I made a few alterations,<br/>I can't leave anything alone! I have to play with my food. THANK YOU!! I did adjusted to my personal taste. Your way is very delicious. The next time I did it I add: To My Note:<br/>3 ounces bacon bits<br/>3 green onions, thinly sliced<br/>ripe Tomato (to garnish)<br/>My family loved bouth ways, and I'll be making this a lot more. Both are delicious, it's a matter of what your taste is.....I've will added this to my recipe book with my additions. I now have two ways to this. YOU HAVE SUCCESS!!.....Thank you!!! Happy Cooking to you and you-all! Grpa

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CHEF GRPA October 01, 2013

Made for the Cooking Tag Mania Special, I scaled the amt down to 1/4 of your recipe & it was enough to dress an entire batch of coleslaw. It was so tasty & perfect for the coleslaw shown in 1 of the pics. The only reason I awarded 4 stars was the issue of the # of servings & the nutritional data. As written, the recipe yields 4 cups (which IMO is enough to dress 4 batches of coleslaw, not 4 servings). Correcting this will mean a huge improvement in the calories & fat content. The fat content is the main reason I chose your recipe. Most slaw dressings are mayo-heavy & using more sour cream than mayo reduces the fat content. All that said, we love this dressing & the recipe is sure to be repeated. Thx for sharing it w/us.

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twissis October 03, 2013
Sweet Cole Slaw Dressing