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This didn't really do it for dh & I although the kids liked it. I served it over tofu sticks instead of chicken. It was waaaayyyyyy too sweet. I used close to 1TB chipotke sauce & added extra garlic & onion powder & it was still waaayyy too sweet. I think Susie D. has a great idea to use some molasses & fresh garlic. It needs more depth. I brought it to a boil stovetop for just a minute vs. using the microwave. That worked well. Made for PAC 4/09.

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Elmotoo April 07, 2009

I hesitate to rate this with stars as I did things quite differently, but it was so good I am going to. I didn't have brown sugar corn syrup so (after looking at recipes here) I used white and added molasses. I replaced the garlic powder with 3 cloves of minced garlic & added more chipolte pepper sauce. After following your instructions on making the glaze I poured this over breaded boneless chicken strips, slid into the oven in a foil lined pan, and baked. I turned them once while baking. They came out in a thickened dark, spicy glaze. Just yum! Thank you for sharing your idea & the inspiration. Made for Fall 08 Pick A Chef.

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Susie D October 02, 2008

WhoooooWeeee! Some kind of hot, Amyk4. But so delicious! Easy, peasy to make. I had never used brown sugar corn syrup, but guess what, there was a recipe on Recipezaar! Will make this again, definetly! Adopted for Spring 2008 PAC.

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Darkhunter May 01, 2008
Sweet Chipotle Wing Glaze