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I had a bag of chillies in my freezer I needed to use but when I weighed them, I was short by about 50g. SO, I made up the difference with a big chunk of red capsicum extra to the two. Now I knew my chillies were hot little things so thought it might balance things out. I have to tell you this is THE hottest think I have ever cooked in my kitchen and possibly ever tasted so I'll be using it sparingly and thinking of you Tis for a long, long, long time to come. If I ever get to the bottom of the last hot jar, I'll take more notice of your advice to use bigger, milder chillies next time. But this tastes great, is a gorgeous colour and was fun and easy to make.

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JustJanS January 18, 2011

Yum! Great colour and consistency and I thought the sesame oil and garlic was a nice touch. I was using some smaller hot chillis so roughly seeded the whole lot so only a few seeds remained which worked well to make sure it wasn't too hot.

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Peter J July 10, 2011
Sweet Chilli Sauce