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These cakes couldn't be quicker, easier and more delicious if they tried. I used 1 pound of cleaned and deveined shrimp, then all of the rest of the ingredients exactly. The sweet chilli sauce has the perfect amount of sweet and hot to it to give these wonderful cakes just the right tang. My husband and I polished off half the batch as quickly as they came out of the frying pan! We just LOVE these and I'll be making them again and again. Thanks so much KitchenManiac...these are terrific!

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Hey Jude May 03, 2003

Excellent recipe, loved by all. I had a hard time finding lime leaves in the amount of time I had to shop (I know where I could find them for sure but couldn't get over there before dinner), so I just left htem out, and the flavor was still very good. Thanks so much for posting.

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spatchcock July 08, 2007

Agreed: quick, easy, delicious. An entire platter vanished into a very picky Christmas party crowd, who all looked around for more. And that you can freeze the raw patties for quick cooking later is a huge plus. We substituted shrimp for the prawns, lime zest and juice for the leaves, used pre-crushed cornflakes (guessing that 2 c. of flakes crushes down to about 1/4 c. of crumbs). We also tried two sorts of Thai sweet chili sauce...one very sweet and mild, one very spicy. I advise using the spicy one in the prawn cake recipe and then serving with the mild one for dipping.

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westernwilson December 23, 2004
Sweet Chilli Prawn Cakes