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I adapted the recipe to make in the crockpot, but the changes were technique rather than ingredients. After browning the meat I added it to the crockpot and reduced the water by one cup to cook on low most of the day. The end result was different and delicious! The complex flavors had depth. It reminded me of a fusion of greek spaghetti and mexican mole in the best way. Next time though I will chop rather than mince the bell pepper and onion as I thought a chunkier size would fit better with the beans. Good luck in the contest!

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Susie D March 02, 2013

Really loved the spice blend in there, they made it seem sweet without actually being too sweet! As SusieD already mentioned, I would make the onion and peppers a little larger, but if you have an onion hater in the house smaller might be better! Good Luck!

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Chef Jean March 04, 2013
Sweet Chili