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I hate to give this a bad review, but I did not like it. It reminded me of the peanut butter and honey sandwiches i had as a kid, which was extremely off putting for me. Too sweet, not enough ginger or garlic... just couldn't get into it. If I decide to try it again, I'll use brown sugar instead of honey, use less peanut butter, and much more garlic.

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jamc100 January 01, 2010

I made this earlier in the week, but left the chicken breasts whole. Because I did so, I allowed them to marinate for about 5 hours. Everyone in my family loved this, and wants me to make it again. Served with Spicy Thai Noodles...yum!

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Cook4_6 July 16, 2011

What a great recipe and so simple! I doubled the peanut dip sauce and I am glad that I did. I used half to marinate and the other reserved for dipping. I took the advice of a previous reviewers and increased the fresh garlic and ginger. Im glad I did! I also used brown sugar in lieu of honey and found that it had a subtle sweetness to it, not over powering at all. I used orange juice since that is what was on hand. The reserved sauce went into a bowl before serving and popped into the microwave for a minute. It thickened up nicely... too bad I didnt tripple the recipe. It was great! Next time, I will perhaps add some peppers and quartered onions to the skewers for added flavour (although it really didnt need it).

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Snowbaby May 18, 2010

Excellent! My only change was dried cilantro (about 2 T) instead of fresh, and some Asian Essence of Emeril because I was out of fresh and ground ginger. I didn't use skewers, and just grilled the 10 chicken tenders (about 1.3 pounds total) on my indoor grill, also basting as I cooked (I put about 1/3 in the bag, 1/3 in a dish to reserve as sauce, and left 1/3 in the bowl to baste). Finally, a peanut butter dish that my youngest will eat (and I'm NOT telling him it was an ingredient either)! Thanks for posting!

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ColCadsMom October 11, 2008

I am SHOCKED and AMAZED at how wonderful this is!!!!!!!!! It is THE BEST Asian dish I have ever made (or eaten!) in my LIFE!!!!!!!!! Can't WAIT to make this for company!!! OMG!!! I did sub pineapple juice for the apple juice, and used a 1/16 tsp. ground ginger for the fresh, it was all i had, but it turned out SPECTACULAR!!!! I baked it in a 375ยบ oven for 25 minutes and it came out JUICY and VERY tender!!! (That time will depend on how thick or thin you slice your chicken, though. So just watch it, and teste it!) I basted every 5 minutes, too, with marinade I reserved, not from the bag. Cannot thank you enough, Rita!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Wildflour June 28, 2006

I made this for our football game day and it was a hit. The chicken looked so good on the platter all lined up around the dipping sauce. My guests were all talking about them. (go figure) I will most definitely make these again as we all loved them. Thank you for sharing it was a hit at my party.

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mommyoffour September 25, 2013

This recipe is so good I had to join the website to review it! I made this on a grill pan, and it turned out great. Added some extra garlic to the marinade, though not to the dipping sauce. We had a lot of sauce left over both from the marinade and the dipping because the meat was so flavorful we didn't even really need the extra for dipping. It was yummy :D

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mawr July 02, 2011

great recipe! new family favorite

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mrsporras August 15, 2010
Sweet Chicken Skewers With a Peanut Dip