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I was looking for an easy snack recipe to use up my extra cornflakes puchased to make oven fried chicken. Choose these because they were fairly low in sugar and virtually fat free. Did a little tinkering and the results were pleasing. Thought it would be worth posting my notes so that others might be encouraged to try these and do a little improvising as well. Based on the comments of the previos reviewer, I too decided to make half the batch with corn flakes the other half with rice crispies. I whipped the eggs for both together with a pinch of cream of tartar and them just short of soft peak stage. I reduced the sugar added to 1/2 cup simply out of personal preference. At this point I split the egg whites into two bowls. Added 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extact to the portion I mixed with corn flakes and 2 tablespoon cocoa to the portion mixed with rice crispies. Since the volume was much smaller than the corn flakes, I added an extra 1/2 cup (2 1/2 c. total) for the rice crispies half. Baked both for 15 minutes. Next time I would bake the crispies version a minute or so less. Both were very good. In the case of the corn flake cookies, they were best fully cooled when the cereal regained some tooth and wasno longer soft. My guess is these would not work as well if you made the cookies larger as the egg whites would not properly cook. Thanks for the guiltfee treat.

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justcallmetoni October 21, 2006

These were not good. Maybe I did something wrong..I don't know?

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buttercup0009 February 24, 2003

these cookies are real good. I made half a recipe useing corn flakes, and the i made a half a recipe useing rice krispies,I liked then better, Muffin my poddle loves both of then. So they have to be good.

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y3rose January 05, 2003
Sweet Cereal Puffs