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excellent and forgiving recipe! I didnt have quite enough biscuits, so I added a few gingernuts:) I used butter instead of margerine, but I would cut down a little in future. didnt last long, should have hidden them.

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mummamills August 21, 2007

I won't give this any stars - at least not yet. For some reason, this dessert never set when I made it, so I could never cut it into biscuits. The stuff tasted delicious, though! I really can't imagine what I did wrong, but it must have been my fault, as all the other reviewer rated it 5 stars. I will try your recipe sometime in the future again, Katia.

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tigerduck June 16, 2006

Great easy recipe; thanks Katia. I used graham wafers and Egg Creation(subtitute for eggs)an it did the job.Thnanks for sharing.

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Sage June 15, 2006

I was very popular at my home today, thanks to this recipe. I make the exact same thing, only we call it 'mosaiko' (as it is a mosaic of chocolate, cookies and nuts). Delicious. I expect we'll have finished this by tomorrow at the rate we're eating it. :-)

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evelyn/athens June 06, 2006

I agree with bluemoon, this is a great recipe. I used graham crackers and had to convert from grams to US measurements, so I did have to do a little adjusting on the ingredients, but that is not uncommon when converting measurements. I did temper my eggs before adding all together, then whisk well to make sure that it all blended well. I spooned onto the paper and rolled into a log, then let it cool a little, pulled it out and shaped it a little better. These are really great little cookies. Thanks for the great recipe.

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Jellyqueen June 04, 2006

This was one of my Pick a Chef 2006 selections, chosen because it sounded so yummy and because in looking through katia’s recipes, I was really keen to select some genuine Greek recipes. When I came to make it, I realized that it was an adult version (because of the inclusion of brandy!) of what in Australia are well-known as Hedgehog Biscuits! So, I made some minor modifications from my experience of making Hedgehogs! First, I used unsalted butter rather than margarine; secondly, although the recipe did not specify this, at the end of step 3 I brought the mixture to the boil; thirdly, rather than arranging “the cookie-mixture as a roll”, which sounded like quite a difficult thing – for me anyway - to achieve, I spooned the mixture into two 7” x 11” pans and pressed it down firmly then chilled the pans in the fridge overnight. Finally, before cutting the Sweet Biscuit into squares, I iced the mixture in both pans using a double quantity of the icing mixture from my Hedgehog Biscuits Hedgehog Biscuits. katia, I loved this adult version of Hedgehogs, and so did those – at home and at work – who have sampled them! How many Sweet Biscuits you get from this recipe will depend, of course, on how large you cut the squares or (if you make a roll as in the instructions) the slices from a roll. I got 48 biscuits! Thanks, katia, for a super recipe! I hope that you do not mind that I made a few changes.

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bluemoon downunder May 28, 2006
Sweet Biscuit Chocolate Roll